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Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family
Com o processador Intel® Xeon®.


1U Performance from Virtually Anywhere
Driven by German precision engineering and innovation, Fujitsu’s engineers maximized rack density in the datacenter while at the same time offering true workstation performance in only 1U.
Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family
Com o processador Intel® Xeon®.
Nome: CELSIUS C740
Processador: Até Intel® Xeon® Processador
Sistema operativo: Windows 8
Memória: Até 0.256 GB
Unidades de disco rígido: Até 4x 512 GB SSD + 1x 100 GB SSD
Placa gráfica: NVIDIA® Quadro® K600 or AMD FirePro™ W910
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Características adicionais

Density and Performance

  • 1U of pure workstation performance
  • Broad offering of Intel® Xeon® processors and compute cards as well as ultra-high-end or virtualization graphic cards from Nvidia

Best visualization - even virtualized

  • Meeting your demands as a 1:1 remote workstation, a 1:n virtualized workstation or even a node in a render cluster
  • Support of up to two high-end graphic cards (single height) or one ultra-high-end graphic card (double height)Up to 256 GB DDR4 (2133 MHz) memory

Storage Flexibility

  • Comprehensive choice of storage solutions
  • SATA DOM: Disk-On-Module with SSD performance i.e. for booting your hypervisor Fujitsu PCIe SSD: Choice of on-board or PCIe card solution for maximum I/O performanceSATA SSD: High-speed SATA SSDs


  • Server based management in a rack workstation
  • The integrated Remote Management Controller iRMC S4 allows comprehensive control, irrespective of the system statusServerView embedded Lifecycle Management (eLCM) offers image management and enables LAN enhanced security and stability in a fully automized environmentEasy to set-up

Built to order

  • Free configurability for all product lines
  • Customer is given a system optimized for his requirements